About us

WOW SOCHI Group of Companies is a tourist holding with an impeccable reputation and a built-in system of professional values, adapted to a single task - creating the most comfortable conditions and providing quality services to our customers..

The alliance was formed in 2015 by a professional team and initially was provided for the highest level of service for VIP-travelers.

The uniqueness of the natural landscape and the developed infrastructure of the beautiful resort city of Sochi allow us to fully realize the most ambitious plans.

Our numerous guests appreciate the legendary Sochi hospitality, unique cuisine, five-star service, ski slopes, boat trips, bright and unforgettable shows, they dream of returning to the Black Sea coast again together with their relatives, friends and colleagues.

We are open for communication and exchange of experience. Our holding team is constantly improving, inviting leading foreign experts and developing new directions and continents.

Our mission: to promote a qualitative increase in the level of tourism and service in Russia for both domestic and foreign customers.

Our task: the development and implementation of unique projects for each guest of the city of Sochi, all the standard templates and similar models are excluded.

Our opportunities: we improve ourselves daily, expand the range of core services, open new directions and simplify operational processes of radical efficiency.

We are proud to know in detail the needs and priorities of our potential client, which allows us to always be one step ahead of our colleagues in the industry.

In the very near future, the WOW SOCHI Group of Companies should reach a level that allows it to be considered a symbol of Russian tourist quality and service..