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More than ten thousand guests will attend the Russia-Africa summit in Sochi. The four-day event starts on October 22 this year.
There would be about three thousand delegates, who are the representatives of government and business in African countries, which is known for many promising areas for investment.
Such areas as energy and mining, infrastructure and transport, agriculture and manufacturing are particularly interesting for potential investors.
Political analyst of the Foundation for the Development of Civil Society Institutions "People's Diplomacy" Yevgeniy Valyaev believes that the forum is a logical continuation of the work of Russia on the African continent.
Preparations for such a representative forum were discussed during a workshop held by the Krasnodar Regional Vice-Governor Vasiliy Shvets.
At the time of the summit the issuance of permits for carrying out excavation and construction works and the movement of heavy trucks in the Olympic Park will be limited.

Seven hundred and fifty volunteers will help the organizers to hold the event at the traditionally high Sochi level.

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