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Celebrating the Professional Boxing Day.
Titov Boxing Promotions Company and the official distributor - WOW SOCHI are hosting the third traditional boxing tournament of the “GALACTIC BATTLE” series in Sochi on February 9, 2019.

The Organizing Committee announces four qualifying quarter-final matches for the Cup of the President of Russia in light and first middle weight.

As well as six bright fights of the Russian, Abkhaz, Armenian, Uzbek and Argentine boxers.

The main fight of the evening for the Title Eurasian Boxing Parliament:
Vahe Sarukhanyan (Sochi) - Pavel Malikov (Lyubertsy)

The stunning atmosphere of a sporting event, unforgettable emotions, the amazing effect of personal presence in the crowded hall - this is what the “Galactic battle” in Sochi is!

We are waiting for you on Saturday, February 9 at the site of the entertainment center "GALAKTIKA» of the Mountain Tourist Center "Gazprom" at the village of Esto-Sadok, Achipsinskaya Street, 12. Beginning at 17.00.

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